Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 8 - Home Sweet Home

I took the non stop flight from Logan to Amsterdam both ways and it is a huge plane so it takes forever to do anything.  This is the line to go through security which you do individually at the gate.  With your shoes on (unless you're me).

Looks like the entrance to Anne Frank's House.

I missed you so much!!!

Mom picked me up and we went to Rino's in East Boston.  It had an hour wait at 2 on a Thursday.  It was phenomenal.  Oh chicken parm.  You are so delicious.

Day 7 - Zaanse Schans Windmills

Most Dutch windmills have been replaced by a more modern mill.  At Zaanse Schans there were 10 that were still in good shape and fully operational and they are under protection in a national park kind of way.  Each one is full operational and makes something that a traditional mill would have been used for: timber, cheese, chalk, etc.

Fellow Tour Member:  Wow, aren't these windmills just beautiful?
Me:  Holy crap those chickens are huge!!

Day 7 - Ferry ride from Volendam to Marken and Marken Village

Marken is a little tiny village that is adorable because it's all painted the same.  Here I went to a wooden shoe shop / tourist trap.  They are actually more comfortable than you'd think.  These are expensive (like 50 euro / 75 US dollars) but you can also get a way more legit pair where they take impressions of your feet and then make the shoes to fit them.  They're popular today for gardening and field work since they are waterproof.

Day 7 - Volendam

Today I decided to go full tourist and go on a guided tour.  There were three more places I wanted to see in the Netherlands, Volendam, Marken, and Zaanse Schans Windmills.  To get to Volendam you have to take a bus and then you need to take a ferry to Marken from there.  There also no train to Zaanse Schans so I figured it was easier rather than to try to take all the different buses to just do a tour.  I'm glad I did.  It was pretty impressive.  The initial greeting from the tour guide was in English, then Dutch, then Spanish, then French, then German, then Italian.  Once he got a better feel for his crowd he was able to drop the Dutch and Italian but kept up with the other four all day long.

Volendam was once a prosperous fishing port but had a major flooding problem so they put in a dike and turned the port into a lake which solved the flooding problem but also eliminated fishing.  Today it's mainly a tourist attraction with lots of restaurants and bars and shops.  There main claim to fame is that a lot of places they wear traditional Dutch dress and they have a lot of photo - costume shops where you can dress up still. It was super pretty.  Here we went on a "how to make cheese" tour (say what you want about the Dutch - they make a good dairy product) and went to the traditional dress museum tour.

The traditional dress museum that I would have never gone to in a million years if the tour bus didn't make me.

Mmm.  Gouda cheese, brie cheese, goat cheese, sheep cheese, old cheese, new cheese.  All delicious cheese.

I will never drink you again when I get home you dumb beer.  Unless you're the only thing left in the cooler.  Then I may drink you again under protest.