Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 1 - Church of St. Frances Xavier "De Krijtberg"

When I was walking back to the train I came across this church.  The two touristy people in front of me went and I decided to follow them.  We in inadvertently walked in on the last 4 minutes of mass (on Thursday afternoon, who knew?).  Anyway, I waited for mass to conclude then walked around.  It was maybe the prettiest church I've ever been in.   It was grandly ornate with a million things going on everywhere you looked.  There is gold and paint everywhere but the most interesting detail is the huge crucifix that hangs from the middle of the church.  I'm afraid my pictures won't do it justice.  But here they are:

 This is the picture I was referring to above.  It looks like it's against the wall but it's actually suspended.

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