Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 3 - Amsterdam at Night

After our travels of the day we went downtown to Amsterdam to get dinner and see the Red Light district at night.  For dinner we went to an Indian restaurant it was pretty good.  I was nervous because we were the only customers but it was pretty late and ended up being good.  I could live on garlic Naan alone.

As for the Red Light District, it's pretty wild.  We got down there around 10 and walked around.  There are a couple of streets right in the middle where there are the actual girls in door windows that are lit by "red lights" and if you're interested you go up and open the door and go in and they close the curtains so if the curtain's closed you know that if the curtain's closed, don't come a knockin' I guess.  The whole thing is pretty strange.

We ended up getting a ton of beers (weird Dutch thing - you can pay extra for extra cold beer which is just cruel to a girl like me AND it's pretty unusual to be specific about what beer you want, you usually just say, "I'll have a beer".

It's light out really late here (like till 11) so the early morning hours catch up quick on you - especially when you have a road trip to Belgium planned for the next day.

The center canal in the Red Light District.  

Big moon last night.  One of several types of moons you can see in Amsterdam.  

Because when you've been drinking beer and wine all day, you should always switch to vodka / tonic or gin / tonic to end the night.  

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