Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 3 - Delft

Today we went to Delft.  Delft is just south of The Hague so I actually could have gone easily yesterday but didn't know it existed then.

Delft is famous for Royal Delft pottery which is blue and white and very pretty.

We went to a museum, Museum Het Prisenhof that was really interesting.  It had a history of Delft pottery (not so interesting), a collection of paintings from Delft and the surrounding area's artists (fairly interesting) and it happens to be in the building where William I of Orange was assassinated (very interesting).  They had a lot of paintings about William and his relationship with King Phillip of Spain whom set of the rebellion that began the 80 years war that eventually led to Dutch independence.

Here are a few pictures from the museum.  The first is William of Orange, then the staircase he came down when he was assassinated, and finally two bullet holes that they claim are from the shooting but that forensic scientists thing were either enlarged or falsified.  Very interesting place.

One thing I'm finding is that with the exception of the fairly expensive train tickets, food and drink is cheaper than it was in other parts of Europe.  Today for lunch we had two tomato soups with bread, two grilled cheese sandwiches (mine was brie, ham, and chives - delicious) and two glasses of wine (both mine in the interest of full disclosure and it was 23 euros which isn't cheap but not too bad either.

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