Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 6 - Amsterdam-a-wandering

This morning I again went back to the Anne Frank House and again the line was 150 people long.  B+ for effort, F for actually going to the museum.  I may try again before this week is over.

There was two more museums that I had originally thought about checking out while I was here: the Hermitage and the Museum of the Resistors (or something like that about Dutch resistance to Nazi occupation).  However, this morning I was a little museum-ed out so instead I decided to just walk around and window shop, get some lunch, and then window shop some more.  I found this incredibly cool store that I would have spend a fortune in if I wasn't low on suitcase space and Euros. They had funny gag gifts (including a mustache ice cube tray) but also some really practical things like a metal trivet that you would put a hot plate on that looked like a flattened guy.  Uncle Neil would have loved it.

Also, it's the second blue sky, white fluffy cloud day in a row which was really exciting.  Here are a few pictures from my travels today.

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