Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting ready to go!

I'm almost ready for my trip.  Passport has been found, tickets booked, and U.S. currency has been converted.  I still have some packing left and a lot of trip planning.  I brought some books to the lake this weekend and started to see what I wanted to do for my 8 days.  In my previous European adventures: Italy, France, Monaco, Ireland (I realize that makes me sound spoiled), I knew a lot about the places I was going.  That is definitely not the case with this trip.  I have a few things I know for sure I want to see in Amsterdam.  My main "must sees" at this point are the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and the Anne Frank House.  I definitely want to do at least one super-touristy canal tour (I packed tall white socks, white sneakers, a fanny pack and American flag shirt for that day so that the pick pockets will know for sure I'm American).  Within the Netherlands, I want to go to the The Hague and found a few suburbs in my "Rick Steven's" book that I am planning to see as well.  For the first part of the trip I'm staying at the Sheraton right in the airport which is attached to the train station so that should make going around easy.  

Right now, I'm planning to visit all 3 "Benelux" countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg) and perhaps cross over into Essen, Germany which is a small village just over the Netherlands border or perhaps go on to Cologne which I think is two hours by train.  I would really like to go to Paris while I'm there (4 hours by train) but all the train tickets I've seen are around €200 which is more than I'd want to spend for a day trip.  I found flights to London for about $110-150 so that's in the cards as well.  

Most days I'm going to be off sightseeing solo since Corey has to work.  On the weekends when he's off, the plan is to spend one day in Amsterdam and one day in Bruges, Belgium.

Another goal is to see Giethoorn, Netherlands that I found out about from @BestEarthPix on twitter.  It's the city with no streets, just canals, and it's the picture that's at the top of the page.

 I fly Wednesday night around 9 (if the B's are close it's going to be a struggle to get on the plane).  I'm hoping since I spent $1382 on my non-stop Delta flight that maybe they have some good wifi on the plane and I'll be hooked up.  For the rest of the games I'll be 6 hours ahead (which means they'll start at 2 in the morning.  I'm hoping I can find a bar with the game on and maybe even a few fellow Bostonians.

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  1. What a great trip; I can't wait to enjoy it vicariously!
    Safe travels!